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The health of our soil is important to the future of the planet. Without healthy soil farmers can’t grow healthy, productive crops. Plants are fed by the interaction of thousands of species in the microbiome of healthy soil. Symsoil products help farmers work with nature and the soil microbe biome to create the ideal sustenance plants need to thrive. We are proud to be supporters of this dynamic company as it revolutionizes farming practices. 


SageMedic is developing the next generation of precision medicine for cancer treatment. The Sage Direct Test is designed to accurately predict the most effective treatment within just one week. We support Dr. Chris Apfel and his team in this important work.

Sage Medic

Noted “solutions journalist” Jurriaan Kamp publishes KampSolutions magazine, dedicated to bringing innovative thinking about a range of issues vital to our planet to your attention. Among these is a relatively new technology that converts rocks into paper. The process, developed in China, creates a usable paper (KampSolutions magazine is printed on it) without killing trees or using water---and the paper is completely biodegradable, so almost no waste is created. The potential for stone paper to help reduce waste is enormous, especially in the packaging industry. We are proud to be supporters and promoters of this new technology. 


Kamp Solutions
Kamp Solutions


Citizens Climate Lobby Marin

We have served on the Board of the Marin chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby, a nationwide nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to promoting national policies to address climate change.

Citizens Climate Lobby

Keiretsu Forum is the largest angel investor organization in the world with 53 chapters on four continents. Over the years Keiretsu Forum has provided the capital for growth-stage companies that are having a major impact with innovative new products and scientific solutions to the challenges the world faces. We are proud to be supporters of the San Francisco chapter for the past eleven years. 


Carol Ann at Keiretsu Forum Northern California
Keiretsu Forum


Spirit Rock San Francisco California

Spirit Rock teaches people how to use mindful meditation techniques to create a more easeful relationship with life. Many of the mindfulness practices we apply to our executive recruiting methodology---and promote in our book, A Mindful Career---were first developed at Spirit Rock.

Spirit Rock
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