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Our Testimonials

“We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves” 


“Carol Ann is a top-notch recruiter that I would highly recommend. She excels at understanding both the client’s needs and the candidate’s desires. Her sourcing is 100% hard work driven, and it shows in the quality of candidates she thoughtfully
identifies for consideration. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on both sides of the equation and she is A+.”

Bill R., Chief Financial Officer, Global Solar Company, Silicon Valley, CA

“It was a pleasure working with Carol Ann! She was very thoughtful with her communication and helped ensure an efficient and clear process. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new opportunity.”

Derek P., VP, Construction, Billion Dollar Real Estate Development|Design|Contractor Firm,

San Francisco, CA

“Carol Ann is the perfect combination of positive attitude and thorough diligence. She approaches the recruiting process as a relationship vs. transaction and I highly recommend working with her.”

James D., Chief Marketing Officer, Global Solar Company, Silicon Valley, CA

“Carol Ann has created a unique recipe that delivers the scale of the Top 10 recruitment firms while delivering the intimacy of a boutique. Truly, delivers an amazing candidate experience. Carol Ann has created a unique recipe that delivers the scale of the Top 10 Recruitment firms while delivering the intimacy of a boutique. Truly, delivers an amazing
candidate experience.”

Cathal M., President-AI, Ex Apple & E Bay Executive, Customer Success, Silicon Valley, CA


“Carol Ann is a very kind, professional and friendly executive recruiter. She goes above and beyond to make sure her clients feel comfortable with the recruitment process. She is very diligent and responsive. Throughout the entire process, she made sure there was constant communication between both parties. I highly recommend Carol Ann for anyone who is trying to find executive search in the construction industry.”

Abesheke S., Project Manager, National Construction firm, San Francisco, CA

“Carol Ann is easily approachable and a pleasure to talk with! When we first met, we talked about life, goals, family, and she always steered the conversation back to you and the potential employer’s relationship. She provided sound advice and never stopped trying to get me further along in the process! Truly a pleasure to work with and always enjoy catching up with her!”


Tom T. Sr. Project Manager, Commercial GC|Life Science/TI Co., San Francisco, CA

“Carol Ann is a very kind person who has helped me land a career that I love. Her reputation precedes hers. Carol Ann maintained a good rapport with her clients who trusted her so much so that any of her candidates were well regarded as highly experienced, knowledgeable, and a good fit for the job. Thank you so much Carol Ann!”

Rouella A., Controller, Commercial GC|Life Science/TI Co., San Francisco, CA

“Carol Ann is a wonderful, sweet, and caring person as well as an incredibly talented recruiter. She helped me to get a phenomenal opportunity with an outstanding company. Thank you again Carol Ann for everything.”

Michael A., Sr. Product Manager, Global Renewable Energy Co., San Francisco, CA

“Carol Ann was an absolute pleasure to work with while we recruited our Senior Cancer Scientist at Sage Medic. She is genuine, cares a lot about mission, and is very helpful. I was shocked that we found such high-quality candidates so rapidly. We will contact Carol Ann again when we want to fill another position in the future.”

Melissa M., MBA, VP, Business Operations, Health Care, San Francisco, CA

“We had the pleasure of working with Carol Ann recently when she made a presentation for our NAWIC Sacramento Chapter – Regional Conference in Reno, Nevada. Carol Ann is one of the kindest people I have ever known. When we contacted Carol Ann to request her to speak at our conference, she first spent a significant amount of time with me, asking various questions to determine the type of presentation that would be the best fit for our chapter. The presentation was phenomenal. It was engaging, detailed, and informative. Carol Ann is an expert in her field and provided all of us with amazing tips on how to use and improve our LinkedIn Profiles. It was truly a pleasure to work
with Carol Ann and we look forward to future collaborations with her. NAWIC – National
Association Women in Construction.”

Chapter President, NAWIC, Sacramento, CA

“Wentworth Executive Recruiting has helped us build a highly successful team over the years by consistently bringing us exceptionally talented people. They are an important contributor to our company’s continued growth and we consider them partners in our success.”

Rossi Builders, San Francisco, CA

"Carol Ann is very insightful and thorough. She spent the time to fully understand the needs of my organization and our working dynamics. It is a great joy working with her and we were able to secure our Corporate Development Director, Mergers & Acquisitions, in 60 days due to her skilled expertise."


TrinaSolar, Changzhou, China and San Jose, CA

Jing Tian, President of the Americas

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