• Carol Ann Wentworth

Job Hopping. Great for now, maybe not so much later.

First the good news. On average, people who switched jobs this year scored annual pay increases averaging 30% (over those who remained loyal to their current employer). Needless to say, this hasn't gone unnoticed by ambitious career climbers. Even better, over the course of a career, those who change jobs more often have higher lifetime earnings

So, what are you waiting for? Update that resume and start putting out feelers. Nearly three and a half million people quit their jobs in April, according to the Dept. of Labor. That's three times the number who were fired or laid off. There is a LOT of movement in the labor markets.

But a word of caution before bailing out of your current job.

If you change jobs too often, future potential employers will count it against you. After all, who wants to invest in a new employee only to have them leave in a year or two (or sometimes in just months). The cost of a "bad" hire can be astronomical for a company, lead to lost revenue, and may even affect company morale.

Another consideration is the future path at the company you are now at. If it seems you can advance quickly, learn more, and eventually earn more you may want to stay in place.

Then there are considerations such as how will a new job fit into your long-term career plan, will you be making a longer commute (a top complaint among workers), and will you be leaving a corporate culture you love for one you may not like? 

The bottom line is this: make any career move carefully and intelligently, not from emotion or greed. Examine the move from every perspective. Money is great and solves a lot of problems, but it isn't everything.

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